Doors and windows brand to create emotional marketing also need more skills
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In the doors and windows consumer market, emotional marketing is a common business of many means of marketing, but also the most likely to impress consumers one of the marketing. A lot of eye-catching enterprises will brand image and "happiness", "life" and "family" together, make full use of home and life contact marketing activities, thus embracing the consumer's feelings, buckle the consumption The heart of the person. However, the "emotional" marketing is not Wanjinye, no matter how good the marketing model also need to use high-quality products to do support, "emotional" marketing only to the field to make the brand to do more with less.

"Emotional" marketing needs to fall to the ground

"Emotional card" marketing seems to be a lot of doors and windows brand marketing trends, which is not difficult to understand the link, after all, doors and windows and home closely linked to the feelings of home is easy to project a home use of a thing, so the brand also It is to seize this consumer psychology, focusing on playing "emotional card" on the force, but it has become a worthwhile discussion of the phenomenon, so many brands began to discuss "happiness", "life" and "family" Whether consumers will be moved. At the same time these "emotions" are not made into the words of floating paper and propaganda, a brand playing "emotional card" marketing law often need to fall to the field.

With high-quality products to do support is the key

"There is only a concept, no product support, in fact, this marketing is of little significance, at present a lot of marketing line marketing will have such a problem." Enterprises in the use of marketing success to attract the audience, how to turn into the brand understanding and support , The key lies in whether the quality of the product can match the concept of marketing. "If you want to play emotional cards, then what is the value of the doors and windows for their parents, for children to grow what doors and windows, these are the first to be seriously considered.

Do not let the "emotional card" become a million gold oil

According to industry analysis, if the product can not fully support the concept of emotional cards, but still talk about this concept, often reveal the brand product positioning of the fuzzy, that white is the product in the end to whom, and not Clear, so "emotional card" has become a million oil, no matter who, always a family, this is always right. Clear targeted is the product established, the concept of marketing to establish the premise, or can not get the target audience demands, so can only be general to emotional marketing, "the brand should be understanding of life, and then positioning, which is the brand side Need to think clearly, different groups have common, but also differentiated, doors and windows in fact for these common and differentiated positioning of the product.

As the consumption concept changes and the level of consumption, people buy doors and windows and other goods is not simply to meet the basic needs of life, but also need to get spiritual enjoyment. Only in the fight "emotional card" at the same time to ensure that there are high-quality product output, in order to make the impact of emotional marketing play an active role, but also more level to meet the needs of contemporary consumers living.

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