The relationship between the quality and process of aluminum doors and windows
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Aluminum doors and windows profiles with the quality of the process has a great connection, and even the same plate, different processing technology will lead to different doors and windows quality. For the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows profiles, which is very important point is closed. For consumers, if their home is a better closed doors and windows, you can achieve the effect of noise, insulation, and if it is more closed doors and windows, in the above effect is not very people like.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows profiles in the processing of the time, not close to the phenomenon may involve a lot of details of the process, which is like some horns of the nook (such as the windows and doors of the angle) is the processing of key points, and now better quality aluminum doors and windows profiles Are assembled by mechanical operation, because the machine itself has a very high accuracy, so to reduce this phenomenon, then if the use of artificial assembly of aluminum doors and windows profiles, then the horns of the assembly of the above do not perfect.

1, the production of doors and windows with plastic profiles of PVC resin commonly used in the SG-5 type, while the use of ethylene suspension process as much as possible. This can guarantee the quality of its batch is the stability of the indicators.

2, the stabilizer in the entire formulation system on the quality of the material played a key role in the quality of the batch stability and the amount of the amount of material will affect the length of the plastic material and the temperature of the material thermal decomposition temperature. The balance of the corresponding lubricant in the stabilizer is an important criterion for the quality of the stabilizer.

Stabilizer added too high will delay the material in the barrel of the plasticizing time and pull the extrusion temperature, then it is bound to mean that the material in the export mold when the degree of plasticization is also less than the requirements, when the profile of the brittle , The welding performance will cause a great impact.

Stabilizer added too low will shorten the material of the plasticizing time and reduce the extrusion temperature, it means that the material in the export mold when the plastic, low molecular material will break down, profile foam, the overall mechanical properties.

3, CPE in the formula system, its main role is to impact and improve the role of profile surface finish, but the addition of the proportion of the number of impact in addition to the impact of strength and size change rate, but also affect the welding strength of the profile, The balance between toughness index and rigid index in formula. The addition ratio is generally 8-15 copies, less than 8 or more than 15 copies are not normal.

The principle of impact ACR is different from that of CPE in the formation of molecular framework. In the strict sense, PVC / ACR blends are superior to PVC / CPE blends in terms of impact resistance.

4, the main role of processing ACR is to improve the plasticization of materials, the surface is contradictory with the stabilizer, in essence, is absolutely different from the two concepts: stabilizer is to prevent the degradation of materials; ACR is to promote the material between the molecular solution The integration of the. Some phenomena: such as both increase the amount of stabilizer and increase the amount of ACR, although from the surface to solve some of the so-called practical problems, but in the entire formulation is not correct. The amount of ACR is based on your entire process route and the plasticizing capacity of the equipment.

In the entire production process of the most critical factor is that people often say that the plastic. The level of plasticity directly affects all the indicators of the profile.

5, calcium carbonate is generally used to activate the light, and its use is the impact of the entire mechanical properties of the second largest factor.

Tests have shown that the proper addition of high quality nano-calcium to some extent will improve the welding performance of profiles.

6, the choice of lubricant is inseparable with the combination of stabilizer, in a sense, the lubricant is also a stabilizer. The rationality of the entire formulation system is the lubrication balance, is its synergistic effect with the stabilizer. In particular, the excess lubricant will directly affect the welding angle of the profile.

7, the colorant will not affect the mechanical properties of profiles.

Affect the quality of broken aluminum doors and windows profiles not only the processing of the process, what kind of hardware accessories is also an important factor. Itself, such as broken aluminum doors and windows profiles for the connection there is a high demand, so the accessories directly determine the quality of the doors and windows of the seal. So that the quality of hardware accessories better, doors and windows of the use of time is also a little longer, but the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows profiles are expensive.

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