Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spiritual Entities

A writing or a word or music or an action, everything we see around us in the world, is a spiritual entity in itself which contains a spiritual essence of its own.  When you speak, you imbue your words with your spirit.   Thus, they have a spiritual essence.  Once they pass your lips, they are not you.  They are themselves, a separate entity, a sound wave.  They can, in turn, imbue others, even you, with their spiritual essence. 

This is not unlike your own interaction with others. You are changed as the result of your interaction with others. For instance, a person can change your mind about something, inspire you, or make you angry. These kinds of interactions may at first be superficial, but if they occur over time, they can create a more lasting and significant change in you. You, too, have this same influence over the lives of others. Exchanges between us are both physical and spiritual.

The physical aspect is represented by such things as sound waves, facial expressions, ink or paint on a surface, brain waves and other brain functioning. The spiritual aspect is the unseen aspect of these things. Ink on a piece of paper is more than its physical existence. It represents something to us. It has meaning and therefore a life of its own, an influence of its own over those who can perceive that meaning in some sense or another. This is its spirit.