Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Both Candidates Suck

From Brad Johnson at Climate Silence:

It’s official. In their final debate last night, President Obama and Governor Romney were again silent about climate change.

2012 has already set several alarming climate records: the highest levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (400 ppm in the Northern hemisphere), the largest federal disaster area ever declared (the Midwestern drought), the hottest 12 month period ever recorded in the US, and a new historic low for Arctic sea ice. Now it will also go down as the first time since 1984 that climate change was ignored in the presidential debate cycle.

We’ve been looking for the right words to explain what we are feeling and where we go from here, and then we watched a report by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Saturday that said it better than we ever could:

And so we have this asymmetry of passion: on one side of the ledger a concentrated set of interests and voters who care, in a near life and death way, about the continued exploitation of dirty energy, and on the other side, a public with a weak, nonchalant preference for us to “do something” about that whole climate change thing. Barack Obama isn’t going to rectify this imbalance. The only way to get a sane climate debate in our national conversation is to create a cadre of activists and citizens and voters who will balance the ledger, who care as passionately about saving the planet from ruin as those on the other side do about their industry, because they see and understand just as viscerally as the other side, that, yes, this really is a life or death issue not for one industry or one region of one state but for the planet, and every single person we love who lives on it.