Monday, August 6, 2012

Letter To A Senator

I am posting this in an effort to encourage you to exercise your freedom of speech. As my friend Michael used to say, "Democracy is not a spectator sport." If we want to be heard, it is our responsibility to speak up to those who represent us.

To Senator Udall:

I support your efforts to extend the PTC because I am moving to Colorado to become a wind turbine technician at Redstone College, and I want to put my training to work in an industry that makes our world a better place. I believe in renewable energy and I care about my environment. 

America doesn't need to keep walking a path of pollution and war when clearly there's a better way. Every 4th of July we celebrate our "independence," but we don't really have that independence if we rely on an untreated addiction to foreign oil. The less we rely on other countries to meet our energy demands, the more money we can save by not having to bomb them.

This society requires that we have money in order to live, and that means we must have jobs. But I don't want to be paid for something that has no future usefulness. I want to contribute my skills and training to making this country and planet better than I found it. Even if global warming were a complete hoax, there are giant brown clouds of smog hovering over every major city in America. Does that really look healthy to anyone? Why do we tolerate it? We should be ashamed of ourselves...and take action! How is it that we recognize the dangers of smoking cigarettes and have banned smoking in most places, yet don't recognize the dangers of our smoking cars and smoking industries? No wonder there's so much cancer -- we're pumping millions of tons of it into the atmosphere every day. 

I don't want to breathe this junk, and I'm tired of us thinking that it's okay to leave future generations with a world that looks and smells like hell. We have to answer to the people of tomorrow who live in the world we leave them, and I want to say that we did the right thing, as evidence by a healthier quality of life than we are living now. It's in our power to exercise wisdom and common sense for the future path of humanity, of which we are all a part, and all responsible for. As a future wind turbine technician, I intend to do my individual best to create a better, brighter tomorrow for myself and all those whose lives are touched by my work. It is my sincere hope that all of us join together in the common cause of making our human world a brave, noble and beautiful place that we can all be proud of. This is why I support long term extension of the Production Tax Credit, and I appreciate your efforts in urging Congress to do the same. Thank you for reading this and giving my voice a chance to be heard.

William Hope
Seattle, WA