Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thoughts from a Pur water pitcher

Humans are the sort to be given clean water, pollute the water and then invent filters so they can drink it. Isn't the filter supposed to have been the common sense not to pollute the water in the first place?

I can't help think of all the resources we consume cleaning up messes that never should have been made. We build industries around our filthy habits, and justify them in the name of giving people jobs in an economy that wouldn't and shouldn't exist if we would simply kill off the bad habits to begin with.

Economize means to avoid waste, and that starts with our thinking. The purpose of an economy is not to "make money." It's to wisely manage resources so that everyone can live a quality life.

I appreciate my Pur water pitcher. I just think the reason behind the need for it is stupid. There was a time when every river in this country held clean, drinkable water. The mark of an intelligent species would have been to preserve it.