Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Before I Go

May 17, 2012

Another person I know died tonight
He was a good guy
Someone I liked seeing
He annoyed me sometimes
But also made me laugh
We recently went to a hockey game together
I just saw him two nights ago

Tonight the bar was filled with people
Grieving and drinking
A sea of emotions and energy
I just endured and gave them what they asked for
Waiting for the night to end

Afterwards I had a drink
Sat and talked with my co-worker
Then we went to breakfast...

I've been doing this job for fourteen years
It's a place where everybody knows everybody
This isn't the first time someone close to us has died
It's happened so many times I'm almost used to it
After awhile you stop expecting to see people again
You start wondering when it's going to be you who suddenly doesn't show up one day

It made me think about things tonight
My life, my family, my friends
The places I've been, the beauty I've seen
It made me think about you
How you came into my life
How everything changed
Since the first day I saw you
And felt that flash of recognition in my soul

I don't know when my time is up 
In the end I've already lost it all
If nothing else
I'm grateful for my life
Because I've known your love