Saturday, April 23, 2011

To The Universe

The me I am
is not the me I want to be
The place I am
is not the place I want to be
The job I have
is not what I want to do

The reason I'm here
can never be revealed
can never be served
unless I am free

I seek my own path
not others
mine is the spirit
of an independent warrior
unafraid to walk alone

I wish to thrive in the place of my source
to be who I am
to see
and experience
the essence of my life

I wish to fulfill my purpose
to embrace my divine heritage
and face the invincible spirit of existence

I want a fresh start in a new land
I want to ride out to the horizon
and see through the eyes of the real me

I want to stand tall
breathe deep
and speak my truth to the sky and wind

There is an "I" in Universe
Here I am