Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who Is Juno?

The Juno archetype and name comes from Roman mythology, where Juno was the wife of Jupiter, the King of the Gods, and patron of the Roman Empire. To the Romans, Juno had a variety of roles and functions, among them being protector of the Roman people, protector of women and children, and adviser to the people, especially concerning who and when to marry. In this role as adviser, she was known as Juno Moneta.

According to the legend, around 390 BC a flock of geese in Juno's sanctuary squawked an alarm that saved the Romans from a barbarian invasion. A temple was built on the spot to honor Juno Moneta, and about a century later the first Roman mint was built across the street. The first coins had Juno Moneta on the face, and were naturally called "moneta", from which the term "money" is derived.

~ Michael O' Reilly