Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Star Spangled Annoyance

If you are fortunate enough to be chosen to sing the national anthem for a major sporting event, here's some advice: Before you even open your mouth, get this through your head -- the song is not about you. It is not about how awesomely rockin' and or soulful you think you can be by taking extreme and foolish liberties with its artistic interpretation. It is a traditional patriotic song meant to be sung with respect for the struggles of this nation, and it comes with an obligation to honor those struggles with dignity. The national anthem is not sung for the purpose of blowing your ego up to the size of a football stadium. I'm sick of hearing various singers repeatedly muck it up year after year due to an inability to identify what is appropriate versus what is not. As a temporary public servant, your musical talents in this context are to be channeled into the spirit of the song, not your own grandeur. When you step into the spotlight at the Superbowl or the Indy 500, you are not there to sing one of your "hits." So quit fucking around and just do your job -- stick to the words, notes, and rhythms as they were written and save the vocal masturbation for your own damn concert.