Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dreamworx Project

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Vertical Searcher is proud to present the following post from new friend and special guest:

Riddle me this dear "debunkers"

What with the release of Zeitgeist III - Moving Forward, it has provided a fresh opportunity for self proclaimed "debunkers" to come out of the woodwork again with their various "proofs" that the proposed solution to our common problems - a Resource Based Economy - will never work, it's communism, blah blah blah.
Over the last 60+ years, Jacque Fresco has worked diligently in the scientific field, researching, perfecting, analyzing and establishing protocols for TVP. For the last few years (though probably longer) Peter Joseph has worked hard to understand and therefore articulate superbly the logic and data behind his views and observations regarding the monetary system, religion, politics, etc. So, if you don't understand what either of these two gentlemen have to say in their well thought out, superbly articulated reasoning, there is nothing I can add to help you out.

Rather, I have a riddle that I can't seem to work out and perhaps this challenge will provide me with the answer. Here it is. "Why do you think that a RBE is a non-workable idea?"

I challenge these "debunkers" and naysayers to the following: get on camera, and tell the 3/4/5 year old in country "X" that is going to starve to death by the end of the week, why in your view and opinion "that's just the way it is". Explain to him/her why they didn't deserve a chance to live a long, fruitful, loving life. Articulate for their understanding, why you think we can't/shouldn't share what we have with them.

I challenge you to go on YouTube and tell the young boy/girl from country "Y" why they don't deserve the same chances and opportunities that you and your kids have here in the west (or wherever of affluence). Please post your video response so that countless children the world over can better understand why they are inferior to you and yours, and they deserve to die hungry, cold and lonely. Why their life should be filled with violence, subjugation and despair while you eat your overpriced, nutritionally deficient fast food meal on the way to the hockey game.

Because that is the one core and most pressing issue NONE of you "critics" of TVP and TZM have even bothered to address. For me, TVP is not about the machines, I neither fear machines nor worship them. My toaster is not an object to fear or worship. For me, TZM is not about "taking control of our resources" as some of you like to project your unrealistic fears. For me it's a chance for every child born into this beautiful world to have a chance to live, love and grow and be all that they were meant to be, without being prostituted, raped, brutalized, neglected, starved, maimed or killed all because they weren't born into the right class or with the right skin colour or the favourable gender.

Is it so much to strive for that you're willing to let countless people go on dying when there is no reason? Is it so hard to put our own selfish wants aside and share with the rest of the world?

Please post your response for the whole world to see.