Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zeitgeist Moving Forward

The award-winning, controversial, 2007 work “Zeitgeist: The Movie”, widely considered the most-watched internet-movie of all time, obtained over 100,000,000 views online during the first year of its publication. In 2008, a sequel to the work, entitled “Zeitgeist: Addendum, was premiered at the Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood, CA. As with its predecessor, the award winning “Addendum” was a huge viral internet phenomenon obtaining over 50,000,000 views within its first year.

After the release of this sequel, its creator, Peter Joseph, founded a social movement inspired by the public reaction called “The Zeitgeist Movement.” This global organization, with now over half a million subscribers across 200+ countries, works to begin a cultural transition into a new sustainable economic paradigm and "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" is, in part, a media expression of the same focus.

I'm disappointed to report that I missed the premier of "Zeitgeist Moving Forward" this weekend, but I'm happy to know it's done and out there. I read today it will be available for free acquisition via internet on the 25th of January in both viewing form and full DVD download.

Stay tuned, and stay strong. You are awake, and your light enlightens others.