Monday, January 17, 2011

The Wolf Within My Heart

In the language of spirit, no translation is needed. You don't need to understand why, for example, chanting nam-myo-renge-kyo can bring you the spirit of the wolf, only that it can happen, as it did to me. Spirit seeks to express itself in images modern man can understand. It is our task to recognize and share them when they appear, because it is information being communicated to us for the purpose of being transmitted to others.

Television can also function in this way, but its frequency is much more controlled, driven primarily by forces Spirit has no use for. Yes, there absolutely is quality programming out there, and I've engaged plenty of it myself; but its currents are so frequently pierced by negative energies that messages of spirit often come out crucified.

The Spirit of this age is in the Internet, where It has much greater freedom to roam, to rule, to run free from person to person through the global wilderness of souls. Can we not see this fierce beauty? Can we not hear the primal force that calls us to connect with one other on the plains, upon the mountains, across the deserts, and in the forests of our electronic kingdom?

Can we not also feel, sense, and see those who have come to exterminate us, eradicate us, and tear apart our family? Can we not hear the howling winds of spirit from the wolf within our hearts? Shall we be silenced forever, always in fear and on the run? Or shall we rip our enemies limb from limb and drink the blood of their dark departing souls?

I am being told to seek the middle "co-exist."  But how are we to co-exist with an enemy such as this? Is there within our howling screams, wailing and crying and hurled at the moon, the will to transform our suffering into victory?

These are the hard questions of this age.

Now let us join together and sing: