Friday, January 14, 2011

When Planets Kiss

so many thoughts in my heart
sweetened by collision
tasting this new dimension
stars are born on my tongue

this endless grey sky holds no sun
but conceals by dark and rain
encounters that test my virtue
willingly broken by desire

you built a wall around yourself
then leapt over it in the dark
to an open garden beyond
we found together within

should not have
but did
should not be
but is

where do we go from here
now that there is nowhere to go

this course is beautiful and divine
but it is madness
we cannot pursue it
or we shall suffer like never before

I love you
and I cannot let this happen

a destined connection
past intellect and reason
waves of a cosmic ocean
in a galaxy without shame

the mind will never solve it
the heart will never obey it
freedom would rather smash it
as we consume each other

the spirit inside me knows
when worlds will be destroyed
maybe they should be
but not like this

the twin flame burns in darkness
expressing inner desires
revealing our true nature

when planets kiss
an inexplicable gift
remains ours to treasure

made both weak and strong
by its exquisite essence
by the refinement of its timing
by our daring to be free