Saturday, January 8, 2011

Setting History Free

 I think Life is a great mystery, and that we can solve it if we put our minds and hearts together, and share what we've all discovered and experienced. I believe curiosity and the courage to follow it are among the most important attributes of human existence. I found this video to be one of the most exciting and compelling things I've discovered in a long time, and I really appreciate the voluminous efforts taken by many people throughout history to bring its many treasures to our attention. For those willing, this video is for you.

 "Of course we have a mass of orthodox history. We have serious and dedicated scholars who are telling us, 'It's not like that.' But my feeling is there is enough evidence now out there in the world, at least to raise our curiosity. We should not write off this question. It's very important to understanding who we are. If a great civilization was destroyed in antiquity by unknown earth changes, we have to consider the possibility that could happen to us too. We shouldn't be so arrogant and imagine that we are the apex at the pinnacle of human achievement. We may just be another blip in a very long story. The whole history of man may be cyclical, not linear."

~ Graham Hancock