Friday, January 14, 2011

Astral Pyramid

Years ago I had a dream I visited a place such as this in what I would call the astral desert of New Mexico. Strangely, I also drew a picture nearly identical to this on graph paper in Germany circa 1992, a good thirteen years prior to ever thinking about or visiting New Mexico. I think on a parallel Earth this building (or something like it) actually exists, although in my dream the walls were reflective copper that absorbed energy from the surrounding environment. Just a few days ago this ancient-from-my-own-life image somehow found me online, triggering the memory of that dream and the seemingly unconnected drawing. It makes me wonder how many people have similar access to the group mind of unseen worlds. I don't know what happens inside this building. Both times I saw it from the outside only. Maybe it's a library, power-plant or temple. Maybe it's the house of Nikola Tesla. It's somehow important. I've since read that pyramids are symbolic of the unity of consciousness.