Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I See What You Don't Say : An Exercise In Dissection

"We have a very serious criminal investigation that's underway, and we're looking at all of the things that we can do to try to stem the flow of this information."

~ Eric Holder

"We" = me and other cowards who are incapable of reason, so band together in the attempt to rule you by force.

"very serious criminal" = not serious at all, and not criminal either. Three scary words that scare no one.

"investigation" = what we do to waste time and money because we are inept.

"underway" = our stalling tactic while we try to pull our heads out of our asses.

"we're looking at all of the things" = we're looking at nothing, because there's nothing to look at.

"that we can do" = what we wish we could do but can't because we have no legal or moral standing.

"to try to stem the flow of this information" = to keep you from knowing the truth, which is making us piss ourselves in fear.