Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I am joyous. But I can't not know what I know. There are many dangerous things happening in this world. I get pulled to them because I am a seeker. In summer I fly, in winter I dive. As above, so below. Emotionally, I like to keep things light and have fun. I'm not shallow, but skipping like a smooth happy stone across the sunlit waters of life helps me forget the terrible monsters below. I can't dwell in the deep too long. The darkness I can handle, but the pressure makes my head explode. Yet I can't not seek these places either. To avoid them is to avoid being human, to ignore rich depths of understanding, compassion, and justice for my/our fellow man. While we celebrate the birth of Jesus, others scream for Allah. Maybe on Christmas we should remember those for whom there is no celebration. Maybe we should start to make things right again. That is my prayer for all of us this day.