Monday, November 29, 2010

No One Knows About Persian Cats

I watched this movie yesterday. Just when you think you're being oppressed, you see other people have it worse. You see like-minded others with the same creative aspirations, the same dreams as you, struggling against barriers of repression and punishment that as an American, you will never have to endure. Compared to Iran, I don't know that bands in America realize how good they have it. These are just people trying to express themselves, same as us, and for the most part they can't do it without risking being jailed, fined, or lashed. Many can't get a passport either, so there's no escape. It's sad. Free-spirited guy that I am, I couldn't handle it. I know that I would try to escape, and if I couldn't I'd simply kill myself.

My favorite line in the movie was a lyric from an Iranian metal band: "The fence around your mind can't contain me." Those are the words of a true freedom guerrilla, and worth remembering. The man they belong to will likely never know the joy of expressing them in a place like America, where we're generally (but not always) free to voice our opinions without fear of censorship or punishment.