Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The New American

Who cares what your "credit score" is? What do you think the credit score of the United States/Government is? Do you think there is any intention to ever "pay back" any of all that "borrowed" money?

No, because for something to be borrowed, it first has to be produced. Money is debt, and debt is not an actual product. It is an invention whose existence, authenticity, and authority has never been verified. It was nothing to begin with, so there's nothing to pay back.Yet money is god, whose existence is equally unverifiable. A lot of Americans really like God, so before anyone gets bent out of shape, I'm not saying there isn't one. Or more than one, for that matter. I'm saying the god we're told to trust every time we look at a $100 dollar bill is false, and this false god is destroying the world.

Ayn Rand wrote, "Money is the barometer of society's virtue...when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - then you will know that your society is doomed." What is virtue? Moral excellence. I don't think money is inherently evil, I think those who corrupt it by continually stripping it of value are evil, and so the only moral option is to destroy them.

The monetary system is a pyramid scheme, whose symbol is hidden in plain sight on the $1 bill. The pyramid requires constant input from the bottom to supply the top. The reason "it's lonely at the top" is because those living there are so greedy that no one else wants to be around them. The only way they can relate to other human beings is by enslaving us.

I say fuck the wall street pyramid priests and their money god. They are evil people who think nothing of sacrificing your life and this planet in order to make a profit. You are not a consumer. You are the consumed. Credit scores may seem like badges of integrity, but they are handed out by people who have no integrity. The ecocidal holocaust we live in is the result of serving these twisted masters who have deceived us with their invisible horseshit. Remember what Morpheus asked Neo in The Matrix: "Do you really think that's air you're breathing?"

If you have debt tied to your house or land, skip everything else the best you can and pay it off so you own it. If you can use your good credit score to access unsecured debt to complete the task, even better. Trade back nothing into the system in exchange for a place to live as a free human being. Then default. The only way your property can be taken from you after that is by force, which can be met with an equal or greater force of your own. Before you are attacked with force, defend with strategy. We teach other people how they're allowed to treat us. It's time for the Federal Reserve to learn.

This is the preemptive strike. We don't have to kill the king to win the game. We have to trap him on a square from which he cannot escape. We're deluding ourselves if we think we can win without sacrifice. I've been playing chess most of my life and I've never won without losing pieces. That's how it is, so that's what we have to do. I'm tired of seeing my friends, family, society and world destroyed by ruthless bastards. It's time to checkmate these fuckers.