Friday, November 5, 2010

Dream Seed

The morning after seeing "Inception," I'm still thinking about it. I'm thinking about the mind as fertile soil, and thoughts as seeds. The seed of freedom is a single thought -- "I'm free." What happens if you plant that thought in your mind? What happens if you cultivate that thought and nurture its growth every day for the rest of your life? How might you change? What might you become?

I'm also thinking about everything in this life as a dream. The key to inception, I think, is to realize that you are awake inside of this dream, and though it may not be yours, you can create a new dream within it. You are free to defy the rules created by others whose dream you don't like living in, and go someplace else of your own making. In the song "Believe," Lenny Kravitz sings, "Being free is a state of mind." But this is no longer a matter of belief. Belief was just the bridge to help us walk back to a place of fertile soil. Back to planting the seeds of a new dream. In my dream, freedom is a forest where we all stand tall.