Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Gold Experiment

"Now that the value of modern money is becoming highly questionable, more and more people are turning to gold. It's not the new thing; it's a return to normal."

~ Shayne McGuire

No surprise that yesterday's move by the Fed for another $600 billion in "quantitative easing" (read: money printing campaign) is immediately showing up in the form of a $14 jump for gold this morning, now at $1363 as I write. I don't really know that much about economics, but four years ago this month, as an experiment I bought 3 ounces of gold, then at $654 an ounce. All it's done for the past 48 months is sit in a box, paying no interest. So how is it that I've "made" $709 per ounce? By default or intent, the dollar is obviously being destroyed.

Ben Bernanke and his crew don't give a shit about us. They are people who don't produce anything, and they don't have to, because in their system the money flows to them by graft instead of work. Those of us fortunate enough to still have jobs keep working for the same wages, but continue to lose money thanks to them. They reward themselves with the profit of their own corruption, while we are punished for trying to make an honest living. It's been like this since before I was born, but it was a long time into my adult life before I came to understand it. My understanding is still rudimentary, and I'm not very eloquent in explaining it, but I know the difference between reality and bullshit. My gold experiment proves it.