Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hemp, Marijuana & DMT

It's hard existing in this day and age without feeling totally ripped off. We should have all been living in the future a long time ago. We're a minimum of 100 years progress behind based on this one issue alone. Yet more evidence that Earth is the stupidest planet I've ever lived on. Take this quote from the video above:

"A hundred years ago the farmer produced all of the fiber, all of the medicine, all of the fuel, and all of the food that this society consumed. That's what farming is -- you raise those four basic categories -- fiber, food, medicine and fuel, and you sell them in the cities. They're the basic necessities of life, the money flows out of the cities back to the land owner and to the producer, where land is the means of production of wealth. It's been that way for thousands of years.

Today, a hundred years later, the farmer doesn't produce any fiber. If they do, it's cotton, which accounts for fifty percent of the pesticides and herbicides used in the agricultural sector. The farmer doesn't raise any medicine, it's all been monopolized by the pharmaceutical companies. The farmer doesn't raise any fuel, it's all been monopolized by the petrochemical companies. And if you go into a grocery store and look at the ingredients on a package, you'll find out how rapidly the farmers have been displaced in their heritage of food production.

It's all been taken over by the synthetic manufacturers, who in producing these synthetic products, create the toxic waste and hazardous byproducts with which we're having such a tough time dealing. And not only that, it concentrates wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people all the time, because the means of production of wealth is no longer the land. It is now the factories and the shareholders and the people who own the controlling interests in those corporations."

"Does government have the right to tell man or woman that they cannot plant a seed in God's green earth and consume the green natural plant that comes up out of it? That seems such an inalienable right. That seems such a natural and basic way of communing with Mother Earth and the natural cycle of things."

Yet here we are, in a wasteland of bullshit created by morons who have no right to tell any of us how to live. Fuck them and their sick, diseased world. Thanks for ruining civilization, you fucking assholes.