Sunday, October 3, 2010

For F1 Fans Only

Only 5 races left in the 2010 season...

Japan, Suzuka, 07 - 09 Oct
Korea, Yeongam, 14 - 16 Oct
India, Delhi, 28 - 30 Oct
Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina, 11 - 13 Nov
Brazil, Sao Paulo, 25 - 27 Nov

Here's the current standings for the top 5 drivers

1 Mark Webber, Australian, RBR-Renault, 202
2 Fernando Alonso, Spanish, Ferrari, 191
3 Lewis Hamilton, British, McLaren-Mercedes, 182
4 Sebastian Vettel, German, RBR-Renault, 181
5 Jenson Button, British, McLaren-Mercedes, 177

My personal favorite among these five is LH, but I'll be happy no matter who wins the championship. All the drivers and teams are amazing -- they do something I can only dream of. What an incredible feeling it must be to win a race and then stand on the podium with a first place trophy and bottle of champagne.Wow. I wish it was me sometimes, but I also know my importance as a fan. I enjoy watching a good battle, and I hope we all get to witness one.