Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 Kinds of Vision

As scattered cheers ripple from the crowd, a volunteer comes forward and clambers onto the float. He looks Native American. Dressed in a denim jacket, he wears his long black hair in two braids.

"There are two kinds of vision," he says carefully. "Hard eyes and soft eyes. The first is when you have such fixed concepts about a person or thing that you don't truly see it as it stands before you; you only see your own ideas about it. The second is when you strip away all prejudgements and view the person or thing freshly, as if God created it just a moment ago. When you use soft eyes, you're constantly amazed at how different the world is from what everyone says it is. When you use soft eyes, your capacity for killing the apocalypse becomes prodigious."

~ Rob Breszny, The Televisionary Oracle