Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wolves Belong

From the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance:

In the Southwest today only 42 Mexican gray wolves remain in the wild, despite millions of acres suitable for their release.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by September 31, 2010 to educate people about the lobo, the rarest wolf in our world. Our focus will be on getting the facts out to the public about the importance and value of wolves in the wild. We will raise money and then distribute it through grants to organizations and agencies working on the recovery in both the U.S. and Mexico. All net proceeds from sales of this stamp will go directly to the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program -- not the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.

The Wolf Stamp is not a postage stamp, and is based on the federal Duck Stamp sold by U.S. Fish & Wildlife. This collectible, commemorative stamp designed by Virginia Maria Romero, measures 3 x 5 inches. Your purchase of this historic conservation stamp for $20 + $2 S/H will help restore the Mexican wolf to the Southwest. To order go to: or call Trisha London at (505) 843-8696

In a few weeks we will learn whether our campaigns to permanently protect over 700,000 acres of public lands in New Mexico will succeed in Congress.

There is a window of opportunity in September in which the El Rio Grande Del Norte National Conservation Area and the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks Wilderness Act will be part of the 2010 Public Lands Omnibus Bill -- IF Congress chooses to act on this critical legislation. It is also the year in which Otero Mesa, containing one of the largest grasslands left in North America and a half million acres of potential wilderness, may become America's next National Monument -- IF and when President Obama acts on this special designation and signs it into law.

Your contribution at this time will ensure that we maintain the public pressure and support to overcome "if" and "when."

None of us know what the political landscape will look like after the November, 2010 elections. What is known is that the NMWA will continue its fight to keep New Mexico's wildest lands forever wild.

It's not just about 2010. The alliance is growing. In June we opened our newest office in Silver City, the gateway to the Gila country and birthplace of wilderness in the U.S. We have a vision for expanding wilderness on public lands surrounding the Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness areas, creating a home for the Mexican Wolf comparable to Yellowstone -- a Yellowstone of the Southwest.

In support of the Mexican Wolf, the rarest and most endangered wolf in the world, the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance has created the first Conservation Wolf Stamp ever sold in the U.S. All net proceeds will be used for wolf education and wolf habitat restoration.

In addition to purchasing a stamp, contributions to the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance help enable us to keep the pressure on Congress to pass the 2010 Omnibus Bill. Your support will fund travel expenses for our wilderness activists when they visit Washington to further educate the New Mexico congressional delegation.

Please help us protect the places and wildlife we all love. Currently less than 3% of all lands in New Mexico have permanent protection. With all the beauty that surrounds us there is no reason for New Mexico to be last in the West for the percentage of public lands.

Stephen Capra
Executive Director