Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No One Can Stop Us Now

One of my old favorites...

One day you feel quite stable
The next you're comin' off the wall
But I think that you should warn me
If you start heading for a fall

I see the problem start
I watch the tension grow
I see you keeping it to yourself

And then instead of reaching conclusions
I see you reaching for something else

No one can stop you now
Tonight you're on the loose
No one to tell you how
Tonight you're on the loose

I see no harm or danger in escaping
If the method suits the style
We put the mind on idle
And let the others take it for awhile

When the pace is too fast
And I think I won't last
You know where I'll be found

I'll be standing here beside myself
Getting ready for the final round

No one can stop me now
Tonight I'm on the loose
No one to tell me how
Tonight I'm on the loose

The time we feel most stable
Is the time we're comin' off the wall
And there's every indication
We may be heading for a fall

So let the problems start
And let the tension grow
We'll be keeping it to ourselves

And while they're busy reaching their conclusions
We'll be reaching for something else