Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Perseids

I love the stars and I love the stories that come from them. The descendants of Perseus and Andromeda are here with us again. Hurray for burning meteorites that rip into our atmosphere for our enjoyment. It's pretty amazing that you can count on this entertaining light show (among others) every year. Thanks to a tip from my fellow astronomical aficionados, I'm going out to witness the event, one that connects us with the cosmos and every human who has ever looked up and marveled at it. Seattle's cloudy skies really crush a guy's astronomy hobby, but this time of year I'm in luck. I've got the night off so I'm driving east to the plains, away from people, cities, noise, and light pollution. Take note, humans, all our lights are ruining the view. It's great that we've "lifted darkness off the earth," but in doing so we've blinded ourselves to its beauty. Cut off from our source, we can't hear the celestial philosopher that speaks to each of us. My musician's soul still hears the ancient song, so I will seek the stars and hear what they have to teach me.