Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let Tomorrow Come

We can aim our thoughts at any target we want. If we keep aiming at everything that's fucked up in the world, we're going to keep hitting it. After awhile I no longer care how accurate the analysis is. Pick a new target already. Our problem is object fixation -- we look too often and too long at too many places we don't want to go, and then wonder why we're going toward them. No solution is ever going to come from anywhere but within. As for saving the planet (while waiting for Jesus to save us), I'm tempted to say "fuck it." Instead I will say that I don't think I've got enough finite time for that. Things are going to work out or they won't. Humanity will either fail or succeed. I'm only inhabiting this body for awhile, so I have to choose things that are important and meaningful to me. Failing that, I will come to the end of my life as a lost soul. No, thanks. The coldest, most isolated place in the universe is already within my own heart. That place can exist without me having to become it. I can live the life I want because I'm here to, and I can do it without becoming a clone of doom. Let tomorrow come. Let us wake up to feel the fierce burning forces within us while we still live.