Saturday, August 28, 2010


From deep within the underworld, Hades whispered to me...

"Never forget, I can destroy you at any time."

"Yes, I know," said I, "and each time I will rise again."

"Hades," as I see it, is an archetypal energy. In a sense, Hades could be said to have destroyed our optimism, as symbolized by the fall of the Twin Towers, which themselves were symbols of America's duality. Now we will build something better. Not a new building, but a new human reality. Next, Hades will destroy the world's governments, as prefaced by our collapsing currencies. This is necessary and good. In their place we will build a new world -- one that is actually worth living in.

This is the balance at work, a function of the spiritual physics of the universe. Creation and destruction are prerequisites for the existence of everything. We are not to fear Hades. We are to respect its power and understand its place in the order of things. Destroying that which no longer serves us, we clear ground for the future.