Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Energy & Vision

So I was checking out Tesla (the guy, not the band or the car) and wound up on a completely different site reading about the reasons the US invaded Iraq...

"Iraq was not about ordinary chemical or even nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The ‘weapon of mass destruction’ was the threat that others would follow Iraq and shift to euros out of dollars, creating mass destruction of the United States’ hegemonic economic role in the world." ~ F. William Engdal

(hegemony: predominant influence exercised by one nation)

"The fate of the dollar and hence its use as an international reserve currency is largely in the hands of the United States—budget and trade deficits and low savings pose a greater threat to the use of the dollar as a reserve currency than any actions the EU or OPEC could undertake with regard to oil pricing." ~ Robert E. Looney, PhD

I agree that poor money habits threaten our well being (individually and as a nation), but is it coincidence that the US invaded Iraq after Saddam threatened to switch to Euros? I don't think so. After all, we did kill the guy. Whether the US is in Iraq for oil, oil-dollars, or simply because we like to fight wars doesn't matter. It's wrong for us to be there.

It's not okay for me to break into my neighbor's house, kill his family, steal his stuff, and keep armed soldiers quartered in his home for as long as I want. The idea that I'd take these actions in the name of his "liberation" or "freedom" is ludicrous.

Our government is full of shit and can never be trusted. Just ask any Indian. All humans have the right of revolution; the right to alter or abolish their governments. How much suffering needs to occur before we get motivated to push for a new system?

In the system envisioned by Tesla, there would be limitless, free energy everywhere, for everybody. What's so wrong about that? Do we want to uplift the condition of humanity or not?