Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Kid Can Drive

Normally Lewis Hamilton and the other heavy hitters are at the front of the grid. Due to a rained out qualifying session during this weekend's Grand Prix in Malaysia, he started in 20th position. Exploding off the start-finish line, he passed fourteen cars in the first fifteen laps, with eight of his competitors being vanquished within the first two. Anyone who's familiar with F1 knows this is not an easy thing to do. These guys breathe rare air. They are the best. Everything about this sport is on the edge and pushed to the limit at all times. The pressure must be unbelievable. Yet within it certain drivers have that something extra, that "halo effect." Lewis Hamilton is one of them. His aggression and car control is uncanny. Every race he's relentless, pulling off monster passes that are stunning to watch. It's a joy to see him battle on the track. No matter what he always fights hard all the way to the end. That combination of passion and speed is what makes racing great. This weekend he ended up 6th, sans podium and champagne, but for me it was some of the finest driving I've ever seen. Simply awesome. Well done, Lewis.