Friday, April 2, 2010

In Defense of L.A. & CA

I don't understand the blockhead mentality of people who want to see L.A. (or CA) fall into the ocean. Where do they think the creators of Star Wars and Avatar, for example, do their work? Hollywood, Santa Monica, Century City -- all in Los Angeles. Yeah, on the motherfuckin' faultlines and next to the ocean, where the Earth's seismic and pelagic energy provides the juice that sensitive, creative, artistic people pick up on and put to work. Anyone who's ever enjoyed a movie or audio recording produced in or distributed from that area (which is most of them, in one way or the other) has a richer life because of it, and only a hypocrite would deny that. I guarantee there's something in your collection that is a product of California. If Tool, for example, thinks L.A. sucks so much, why did they all move there? Why not record Aenima back home where there wasn't shit goin' on? If it wasn't for L.A., they wouldn't even have that song. Great band, but I call bullshit.

L.A. is where the industry is. One out of every six jobs there is directly or indirectly within the creative economy (nearly a million strong), and I see everything right about that. There's simply too many envious and narrow-minded people who can't appreciate the many treasures California has to offer. The world is better with California in it, not worse. Do you enjoy drinking in smoke-free bars? Thank California. When you buy an export from another country (such as the car you drive to work), through which city do you think it arrived? Los Angeles is the #1 port in the U.S. In large part, we owe our lives to it. I'm tired of all the pig-headed and arrogant haters who consume the products of California (including food) and then turn around and say it sucks there. Fuck them. They can build their own cars, grow their own food, make their own movies, and record their own music. They can stay the fuck out of California's warm, sunny climate, away from its awesome deserts, mountains, forests and beaches and enjoy their shitty sub-zero winters back home. They can leave their CD and DVD collections to me and throw themselves into the ocean instead.

Same goes for whiny Seattle musicians who can't hack it in L.A., so come back here to hide out under the clouds and cry in the rain. Shut the fuck up already.

Los Angeles: The leading supplier of entertainment (and everything else) to the world, even for those who can't appreciate it.

Yeah, that's right, West Coast.

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