Thursday, February 11, 2010

Under These Clouds Again

It's been so long
How can I go on?
Sitting back, hand in face
Looking out the window at the rain

My fingers pause
Thinking, they back up
Chatter through my thoughts do fly
Breathing drying eyes flash by

Sniffle hand face to jean
Stretching the tempo again
Sit up twist and crack the neck
Rub my eyes and blink

A seagull screams
Barking high pitched dog
Flap the wings, flair the teeth
Fold back my arms and sigh

Triumphant sounds the train
Chatter what the birds are thinking
Chirping spring computers
While wood chimes in the wind

I'm cold and thoughtful again
Following the doppler growl of an aeroplane
Though life may mean nothing
I still swing to the flow of the beat