Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Rise of Vertical Surfer

In a world of ugliness and destruction, I respond with majesty and strength, power and beauty. Where others seek and destroy, I will engage and connect. Enlarge this video and turn up the volume. Hear the howling wind sweeping across the surface of the water. Feel the force of man and nature, the awesome and invincible spirit of life. The rising tension of this epic wave is almost unbearable, yet down its slope the surfer becomes an author who writes a beautiful line on a giant moving moment of existence. The crash comes, as we know it will. Will he make it? An instant later he emerges, and that which is heroic within us rejoices. In the end he disappears, as will we. It is the same world: One man kills himself in a fiery plane crash. Another rises to the challenge of a titanic wave. There's a difference. While we have life, let us remember to live it.