Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Beautiful Explosion

Is the above world being put together, or is it falling apart?
Is a new world emerging from beneath its surface, or is it being covered up?
Is the one puzzle piece trying to find its place or leave it?
What of the other five pieces?
Are they waiting their turn to complete this world, or off in search of another world to fit into?
Two of them are together. Are they a couple?
Which one are you?

I believe there is a global solution and that we are it. We all fit in. Even those of us who don't want to. The question is: How can we create unity without enslaving each other? How can we create a world of free thinking individuality and human progress? How can we create a kind and benevolent civilization in which everyone benefits? I want to live in that place. I want to live in a world of peace, science, knowledge and creativity, and I want that opportunity for everyone. I want to advance, all of us, together.

Everything we need is right here. Earth is perfect and beautiful, even if we ourselves are an unfinished puzzle. Our work will never be done, and that fact brings meaning to the creative power of our existence. It gives us something to shoot for. We can always do better. As long as that remains true, the human race will have a reason for being. How far can that take us? Not only to the stars and beyond, but deep into the human spirit. Our goal should be to create the conditions for every person on the planet to pursue his or her inner talents to their highest potential. That's what freedom is. I want to see mankind climb to the pinnacle of its own potential. I think we're good enough and we can do it. We owe that to ourselves and every visionary that came before us.

The task before us is to build the proper foundation. There are things of the future so unimaginably beautiful and cool that we in this time would be stunned to see them. Many of them we will not see, so it is our job to build the platform for those who will. My work is one tiny brick in the pyramid of the human race, and I want it to be something that strengthens and enriches future generations. This is the essence of self-fulfillment, where the concept of "self" is expanded to include all of mankind.

There is an intersection point in human awareness and in the time-space continuum where serving our higher selves and serving the future evolution of humanity occurs simultaneously. This "place" already exists in the energy field that is the universe, and we are in it. Consequently, there is no barrier between us and anything else in existence. Global recognition of this will trigger what I call "The Beautiful Explosion." We are fast approaching this moment, and I welcome it. I am eager to arrive and eager to begin the next great chapter of human civilization.

So look ahead. Imagine the people of 2110. What would you like them to thank you for having done?