Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Achilles' Heel

"Defaults are the Achilles' Heel of a debt-based money system... Because of this all of the institutional and political forces in our society are geared towards avoiding this outcome."
~ Chris Martenson

Thus, there are at least two weapons available to those who feel that our monetary system is a form of slavery and wish to see it fall: Pay off your debt or default on it.

Personally, I think the "outcome" cannot be avoided. I think the system will collapse long before everyone pays off their debt, so beyond keeping the bank off your back, there's really no point in paying anything more than the minimum each month. A bolder person wouldn't even bother with that. Others will pay off all their debt, and I applaud that, because it makes money disappear -- a precondition for the new and better world envisioned by The Zeitgeist and Venus Project movements. Between now and then we must survive the transition, always keeping in mind the path we want to take when it's over. In the meantime, it's a good idea to envision a world without fiat money and ask yourself what you'd use instead to get what you want; then get it. Perhaps food, liquor, tobacco, bullets, batteries, blankets, screws, nails, coins, or some combination thereof.

I can't rule out the possibility that "the end of the world" prophesied by the Mayans may in fact be a reference to the monetary system. It's certainly starting to look that way. Shit happens, and so does collapse. Take the Bronze Age, for example. It's over, forgotten. Look forward far enough and so will our age be. Money as we know it today is merely a rope from which those who created it will eventually hang. I'm not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to the new civilization we'll build afterward when all this nonsense is over.

My thanks to Freedom Guerrilla and Chris Martenson for making this post possible.

Peace to all, and good luck. ~ Will